Best Morganite Engagement Rings: What To Look For To Wow Your Fiancé?


Though the traditional engagement ring features a diamond as its center gemstone, it’s not your only choice. Morganite is a strong contender if you’re looking for something unconventional and on the more feminine side. But what is a morganite, and why has it generated buzz in the wedding scene? How do you find the best morganite engagement rings? This article answers the most important questions about this diamond engagement ring alternative

What Is Morganite And Why It’s A Good Diamond Alternative?

A morganite ring has morganite — a pink semiprecious stone — as its centerpiece. 

First discovered on the coast of Madagascar in 1910, the sparkly stone traces its name from J.P. Morgan, an American financier known for his affinity for gemstones. It boasts feminine hues ranging from coral to subtle pink, thanks to its traces of manganese.

Morganite comes from the beryl family and is related to other popular stones: emerald and aquamarine.

Why is it hailed as a good alternative to diamonds?

When comparing morganite vs. diamond in terms of aesthetics, the former has a pink hue and gives off a one-of-a-kind shimmer that makes it highly distinct. It’s ideal if the one you’re proposing to is into color gemstones and has that womanly vibe.

Morganite rings also sit on the more affordable end of the spectrum. Given that engagements and weddings entail substantial expenses, going for a budget-friendly option that doesn’t sacrifice looks is a practical move.

To top it all off, morganite is regarded as the gemstone of Divine Love. This pink stone is key if you want to feel connected to your partner on a deeper, more spiritual level. 

What To Look For When Buying A Morganite Ring

So, you’re more or less convinced to get a morganite engagement ring. But how do you find the one? Here are the things you need to look for when buying this ring.

The 4Cs

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is a leading gemstone authority, and the experts there use the so-called 4Cs to grade stones — including morganite.


Generally, darker shades of pink make a morganite more expensive. When untreated, morganites remain pale. They undergo heat treatment to achieve a more attractive color and drive off hints of yellow or orange.

Apart from the color shade itself, consider the saturation or color intensity. The vividness of a morganite can drive the engagement ring’s price upward. 


In their natural state, morganites form in clear crystals. This means they often don’t have inclusions or blemishes that the naked eye can see. 

However, note that these inclusions will be more noticeable if the morganite is larger. In this case, jewelers often carve or cut them as cabochons (polished gems instead of faceted) to help hide the eye-visible flaws. 


The aesthetic appeal of morganites is hugely anchored on their shade and saturation, so the gem’s shape isn’t necessarily a concern. No matter cut — whether it’s round, oval, or marquise — the ring will look beautiful. 

Your choice will ultimately depend on the preference of your fiance-to-be, and the size or length of their fingers and knuckles. Make sure to go for a ring that will look the most flattering on their hands. For instance, if their fingers are wide, choose a morganite ring cut with an elongating effect (e.g., emerald cut).


Carat refers to the weight (not size) of a gemstone. Though it’s not always the case, the most common pattern is that the larger the stone is, the greater its carat. But because stones also vary in density, you’ll find that morganites tend to be larger even though they might have the same carat weight as a diamond. 

This is why if you visit jewelry shops, you’ll notice that morganite rings are typically measured in millimeters. They are available in calibrated sizes to fit standard settings and mounting styles. 

The Setting

Morganites are known for their versatility: They can look good no matter the setting style — whether solitaire, halo, or bezel. 

A solitaire setting means that the ring contains only one gemstone. On the other hand, halo features smaller stones that encircle the central gem. A ring has a bezel setting if a thin metal strip is hammered around the stone to hold it in place more firmly. 

Among all settings, the bezel is the safest choice for morganites. These stones have a 7.5 to 8 hardness according to the Mohs Hardness Scale. As they are softer than other gemstones, they’re more prone to chipping or cracking. They need ample protection (like the metal strip of a bezel setting) to preserve their quality over time.

In terms of metal colors, rose gold settings work well with morganites because they complement the stone’s feminine shades. If you want the pink hues to pop up better, choose a morganite ring with a white metal band or prongs (or both).

Morganite Engagement Rings With Halo

Morganites are unconventional options for engagement rings. 

However, you can choose that path if you want to incorporate traditional diamonds. Morganite rings with diamond stones as their halo give off an elegant vibe that your fiance-to-be will surely gush over.

Remember that the diamonds’ color and clarity can affect the ring’s overall look. Yellowish diamonds can give the pink stone a soft, delicate look. On the other hand, colorless diamonds can make it appear bolder and stronger.

Long-term Care

As stated, morganites are softer than other gems. Therefore, you also have to consider the lifestyle of your partner. If they are more active than ordinary people, choose a morganite engagement ring with the right setting. 

The wearer must also be careful to take off the ring whenever they clean, garden, or play sports and other vigorous physical activities.

To preserve the beauty of the best morganite engagement rings, you must know how they should be cleaned properly. Experts recommend cleaning with warm, soapy water once every six months.

Where Can You Buy The Best Morganite Engagement Rings

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge to choose the best morganite engagement rings, it’s now time to start looking for a shop where you can find that perfect symbol of your love.

Below’s a list of the most popular sites you can check out and their respective morganite engagement ring price ranges.

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