Cabo Wedding – 5 Best Packages & Destination Wedding Guide

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Whether you’re looking for a beachfront ceremony or under the pergola in a beautiful resort, there are several options for a Cabo wedding. No matter what kind of preferences you have, you can experience your dream wedding here.

The Sea of Cortez offers turquoise waters and pristine beaches that offer the perfect backdrop for a memorable event.

This beautiful place at the southern tip of Baja California Peninsula is among the favorite destinations for travelers all over the world. The place has uncountable picturesque views so no matter where you go, you get Instagram-worthy photos.

About Destination Weddings in Cabo

Why Get Married in Cabo

Cabo offers luxurious resorts, boutique hotels, and hundreds of natural wonders. You can experience the union of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez at Lover’s Beach. It has notably calmer waters than the other beaches.

The resorts and hotels here often take care of the paperwork involved in a Cabo wedding. This makes the process smooth so you can enjoy your special day without any hassle.

It’s the perfect place to fall in love. Say “I do” in Cabo and make it an occasion you will always remember. With beachfront terraces, scenic desert landscapes, and breathtaking waters, tying the knot in Cabos is super exciting.

Average Cost of a Destination Wedding in Cabo

An elopement in Cabo would cost around $1600. This would include a symbolic wedding arrangement at the beach with limited photography options.

However, more high-end weddings with guests, accommodation, food, drinks, décor, lights, and photography will raise the costs.

For $6000, you’ll get services for up to 20 guests. These services will include wedding coordination, ceremony setup, private location, live music, open bar, etc.

These packages don’t include accommodation for guests. If you want to get accommodation, the costs will go up. A luxurious grand wedding including flights and accommodation for your guests can cost up to $150,000 depending on the resort you select.

The Best Cabo Wedding Venues & Cabo Wedding Packages

JW Marriott Los Cabos Beach Resort & Spa

When you want to experience the tropical vibe in complete luxury and comfort, Marriott is the place to be. This resort has a beachfront at Lover’s Beach so you can get married where two seas merge into one.

Begin your morning by idly strolling for seashells while soaking up the bright goodness of the sun. Spend a lazy Sunday at the 27-hole golf course and get a relaxing massage at the Jasha Spa and Salon.

There are six bars and restaurants where you and your guests can sip and savor to your heart’s content. All the rooms in this resort have a modern style along with all the amenities you expect from Marriott.

Say your vows at the ocean-facing Amet Terrace and hold the reception at Kepe Gazebo. Let the hotel’s team plan the entire event for you while you relish the beautiful scenery of the place.

The Mila Ballroom can accommodate up to 450 guests in a banquet setting. There’s an adults-only bar and a kids’ pool with sprinklers. The saltwater pool has three tiers and faces the ocean. All these facilities make it a perfect place for your Cabo wedding.

The Cape, A Thompson Hotel

This is a unique boutique hotel that offers a vibrant and fresh approach to a beachfront wedding. The hotel is engineered in such a way that every room overlooks the Bahia Cabo and El Arco horizon.

With 157 feature-rich rooms, you can have a lavish affair with accommodations for all your guests. There’s a saltwater pool built into a natural formation along with an infinity pool containing a swim-up bar.

Enjoy a relaxed evening at the sixth-story rooftop lounge and experience wellness at the spa and fitness centers available in the hotel. Indulge in the culinary delights at Manta, the signature restaurant of the hotel.

If it’s a beachside event you want, welcome to The Ledge, where traditional American style meets modern Mexico. Enjoy locally sourced seafood and authentic Mexican dishes here with live music.

And if you want to have a Cabo wedding dipped in the golden light of sunset, check out The Rooftop by The Cape. It offers sweeping views of the city and offers a quiet place for a private party. This venue has everything you want in your dream wedding with sunken seating, open-air bars, serene water features, and a fire pit.

Flora Farms

Flora Farms sit comfortably in the foothills of Mexico. They have a sprawling 25-acre area that allows you to have an unforgettable experience as you plan your Cabo wedding.

From hillside haylofts to serene cottages and from its tranquil spa to its field kitchen, there is a lot to explore. Also, this place offers an abundance of activities so there will be enough entertainment for the guests.

It’s an organic farm that prepares the most scrumptious foods at the Culinary Cottages. The place has a spa and several relaxing services in a serene and peaceful setting.

The farm produces fresh herbs and other produce and guests can dine at the Field Kitchen which offers mostly seasonal and some permanent classics. This place is known for its special pizzas made in a Neopolitan style.

A Farm Bar also offers wine, beer, and traditional cocktails along with several handcrafted fruity drinks. Visit the Mango Grove with a private outdoor area for weddings. There is a lakeside lawn, a gorgeous potting shed, and a garden amphitheater that bring out the charm of this venue

Whether you want to enjoy a sunny day here or a well-lit night, Flora Farms offer a magical experience that’s difficult to forget.

Acre Baja

Fond of a country-like vibe? You’ll like the Acre Baja which offers a wedding space in a mango orchard. Whether you want a wedding extravaganza or an intimate experience, you can have the perfect Cabo wedding here.

And if you’re looking for something more adventurous, feel free to sleep among the trees in their Treehouse Hotel. Enjoy the natural sounds of chiming winds and chirping birds here.

Acre Baja combines lush natural elements with modern amenities to create the perfect venue for weddings. This is the right place to relax and rejuvenate. It’s a 25-acre place that offers boutique treehouse rooms, yard games (such as ping pong, bocce, and pickleball), organic farms, private event spaces, and a lot more.

Whether you’re planning a small ceremony of up to 20 guests or a grand celebration of 500, Acre Baja offers the best facilities to pamper your guests with the best food, drinks, and services. Enjoy a wedding celebration complete with a dance floor among the mango trees.

The venue has a solar-heated pool along with a pool bar. Guests can also participate in daily yoga classes. Acre Baja offers villas that integrate nature and modern lifestyles, giving you the best of both worlds.


Travel back in time with this unique place in Cabo. This 150-year-old venue was once a Ford dealership and a thriving marketplace. It has been reimagined now as it has turned into an aesthetic wedding venue. Goncanseco has many places where you can hold your wedding ceremony and reception.

You can still find exquisitely refurbished supermarket counters, old wooden plank doors, handmade brick floors, and metal sheet walls in this space. All these elements give it a historic and rustic touch.

Experience the old-school feel of the place combined with all the modern amenities you’d want in your wedding. Bring the charm of a vintage country experience to your Cabo wedding with this exceptional venue.

Located near the San Jose cathedral, it’s just a few minutes from the main plaza and other shops. The area covers 1600sqm and contains lush greenery to add a vibrant feel. With its redesigned warehouses, you’ll get an innate sense of style that will set your wedding décor apart.

The venue offers bride and groom quarters, bars, cocktail tables, private security, and other facilities. It is quietly tucked out of the city and offers delectable dining options at its cafes and restaurants.

Cabo Destination Wedding Legal Requirements

Legal Weddings vs. Symbolic Weddings

If you want to get legally married in Cabo, you’ll pretty much need the same documents you need while getting married in the U.S. However, you’ll have to validate the documents at the Mexican consulate before you arrive in Mexico.

This is the reason many couples prefer to get legally married in their home country and get a symbolic Cabo wedding. In a symbolic wedding, there is no paperwork and you can just carry out the ceremony.

However, if you do want to get legally married in Cabo, don’t worry. Most hotels and resorts help you with the documentation process.

Required Legal Documents & Cost

Here are the documents you need to get married in Cabo:

  • Passports of the bride and groom
  • Birth certificates of the bride and groom
  • Visas or tourist immigration cards of the bride and groom
  • The names, ages, addresses, and nationalities of the parents of the bride and groom
  • Four witnesses (most hotels and resorts will help you with that)
  • Health certificates from a certified practitioner in Mexico.
  • Divorce/death certificates of previous partners if applicable

A minister might charge $350 and the judge will charge $475. A translator would cost about $100 and bloodwork and paperwork will be an additional $200.

Legal Marriage Timeline

Completing the formalities in Mexico might take two to four days so make sure you arrive in Cabo about four to five days before the wedding date. However, if you leave the paperwork to a wedding counselor, it will be done sooner.

Keep in mind that the judge’s vows are in Spanish and you cannot alter them.

Before arriving in Cabo, make sure you get all the documents certified by the Mexican consulate in your country.

Cabo Destination Wedding Planning Tips

How to Get There

Cabo has excellent flight connectivity with major cities in Mexico, U.S., and Canada. The Los Cabos Airport is only 8 miles from San Jose del Cabo. From the airport, you can take a bus to your hotel.

You can also reach this city by boat. Daily ferries and shuttles connect Cabo to other Mexican cities. You can take a boat from La Paz or Mazatlan and it will take about 15 hours to reach Cabo. While it takes longer than a flight, you might spot dolphins and whales on the way.

Cabo Weather

Cabo is largely a tropical desert and offers cool weather in winter (December to March). However, the summer season (May to October) might be unpleasant.

There’s a cool breeze in winter. While some days might be windy and cold, it’s mostly warm and sunny in winter. The temperature can go down to 8oC at night time. During the day, temperatures stay at about 20oC.

During the summer, the daytime temperature can go up to 39oC. However, a cool breeze from the ocean can make some days more pleasant than others.

Humidity is generally high in summer and September is often the most uncomfortable month. September is also the month of hurricanes, which is why you’ll see very few tourists this month.

Budgeting Tips

Here are some ways in which you can save money while planning for your Cabo wedding:

  • Plan a wedding during the off-season. Summer and fall are the cheapest seasons here. September is the cheapest month.
  • Try to travel locally by bus instead of renting a car.
  • Use local ATMs instead of airport kiosks that offer terrible exchange rates.
  • Book your hotel through a travel website instead of direct booking. Most hotels and resorts offer cheaper prices to these websites and agencies.

Best Time of Year to Get Married in Cabo

October to April are the best months in Cabo. The weather is pleasant with cool breezes and sunny skies. In this period, the days are warm while the nights are cool. It’s the perfect time to enjoy the ocean and private pools.

While August and September are the cheapest, you might not enjoy the place a lot because these are the muggiest months. Historically, there has never been a hurricane in Cabo during November so you might want to plan your wedding this month.

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