Capri Wedding – 5 Best Packages & Destination Wedding Guide

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Capri is Italy’s hidden gem that boasts exclusivity, romance, and adventure. Whether you’re looking for an intimate retreat for a small wedding or a luxurious villa for your grand Capri wedding, the options are endless. 

Ranked 4th for the best beaches in Italy and 5th for the best honeymoons in Europe, Capri promises to make your dream wedding a reality. 

Our detailed guide explores some of the reasons why you should consider a Capri wedding. Find out more about some of the best venues for your Capri destination wedding and tips on how to get to this beautiful island. 

About Destination Weddings in Capri

Apart from being a work of art, Capri has a lot more to offer to couples.

Find out more about why Capri would make a fantastic destination for your wedding day.

Why Get Married in Capri?

Some of the reasons you should get married in Capri are:

Stunning Views and Serene Atmosphere

Capri is blessed to have beautiful landscapes, breathtaking views, and a serene atmosphere. While here, you can get married by the Faraglioni, which is Capri’s unique craggy rock formations, or have a civil ceremony at the Augustus Gardens, which boasts stunning views and flower-studded traces. Get to spend time by the Marina Di Mulo or visit the Med at Gradola for clear waters and some sand. 

Adventure and Great Weather

Capri is in the Gulf of Naples. That means you enjoy a mild climate and cool sea breeze as you exchange your vows.

After your wedding, take time to explore the beautiful island. Get on a yacht charter and visit the Blue Grotto, stop by the beautiful Marina Piccola,  ride the Chairlift up Monte Solaro, or explore the nearby city, Anacapri and experience its rich culture and great cuisine.

There are plenty of things to do in Capri, allowing you to celebrate your special day and vacation. 

Average Cost of a Destination Wedding in Capri

The average cost of a destination wedding in Capri is about 25,000 Euros. 

However, this cost can go up to 85,000 Euros depending on the wedding venue, catering options,  number of wedding guests, and whether you’re having a symbolic or civil ceremony.

The Best Capri Wedding Venues and Capri Wedding Packages

Some of the best Capri wedding venues are:

Capri Palace Hotel

Capri Palace Hotel is a contemporary-style resort tucked away in Anacapri, the island’s hidden gem. The hotel provides the perfect setting for a lavish wedding by featuring vaulted ceilings, stone floors,  antique artifacts, and cool beams. 

Whether you’re looking for a vintage, chic setting or a modern, contemporary setup, there’s someone to ensure that your wedding dreams come true. Exchange your vows as you revel in the stunning sea views and tropical foliage.  Its proximity to Blue Grotto also means you can take beautiful photos with nature as your backdrop.

You can have your protestant or symbolic ceremony in the hotel’s rooftop garden.  Enjoy some live jazz music at the Bar Degli Artisti as you sip some cocktails and host your guests to a reception in the banquet hall or at the stunning outdoor terrace by the pool. 

You’ll love the superb suites and rooms that have private pools. Get a rejuvenating massage at the Spa or play tennis in your free time.

Capri Palace provides customized wedding packages that include:

  • Special setup and floral arrangements
  • Photography and video service
  • Wedding cake
  • Customized menu and wine selection
  • Musical entertainment
  • Wedding favors
  • Accommodation
  • Transfers
  • Beauty and relaxation at the Capri Medical Spa

Capri Tiberio Palace

Capri Tiberio Palace redefines style with its unique contemporary architecture resembling La Dolce Vita’s local design. The five-star hotel is in the heart of Capri, which makes it easily accessible from the famous Piazzetta di Capri and Marina Grande.

Say I Do at the private gardens or by the terrace as you revel in the stunning views, making the perfect setting for an elegant wedding. 

Sample some culinary delights and the taste of the Mediterranean at one of the several restaurants, enjoy casual cocktail hour as you gaze towards the amazing scenery, or take a dip at the state-of-the-art heated pool. Unwind after a long day at the SPA Tiberio and later relax at the sauna and steam room. 

The hotel has nearby activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, tennis, and sailing. 

Capri Tiberio Palace offers customized wedding packages depending on the couple’s needs and budget. 

Grand Hotel Quisisana

Grand Hotel Quisisana boasts style, glamour, and luxury. The hotel can accommodate approximately 400 people and is perfect for couples planning a grand celebration. Enjoy tranquility at the iconic terrace as you revel in stunning views of Capri town. 

Couples can choose to have a civil ceremony in Capri’s Town Hall and have a symbolic ceremony at the hotel. Celebrate your wedding reception at the Gazebo, which can host 150 guests, or opt for the Sala Capri, which features fantastic views of the inner part as you sip some cocktails. 

Sample some Mediterranean cuisine and dance the night away in the Sala Teatro after the ceremony. You can also lounge at the pool or get a relaxing massage at the spa. 

Grand Hotel Quisisana provides different wedding packages that include:

  • Designing and creating a wedding theme
  • Choice of venue.’
  • Choice of a gourmet wedding menu or a custom menu
  • Custom Italian or American wedding cake
  • Makeup, hair, and spa treatment for the bride and her bridesmaids
  • Transportation logistics for the couple and guests

Hotel Caesar Augustus

Hotel Caesar Augustus should be your wedding venue of choice if you’re looking for a serene setting for your Capri wedding. Set next to panoramic views of the Bay of Naples, the luxury hotel venue allows you to enjoy breathtaking views of Naples and the Amalfi Coast. 

Couples can exchange their vows at the Terraza Ischia, which can accommodate 25 seated guests; Terraza Caesar, with a capacity of 60 standing, or by the pool, with a capacity of 60 seated guests. 

Sip some cocktails as you relax by the infinity pool, or take a stroll and explore the beautiful gardens. Visit the relaxation zone for a deep tissue massage or get a workout done in the gym with Technogym. 

Hotel Caesar August provides in-house wedding services that include:

  • Decor
  • Choice of wedding venue
  • Catering
  • Menu printing
  • Music
  • A Wedding cake

JK Place Capri

JK Place Capri provides an incredibly romantic setting with its classic combination of Modern design trends and Mediterranean traditions. 

Tucked in a secluded location directly above the Mediterranean Sea, the luxury hotel also overlooks Marina Grande, making it one of the best venues for your Capri wedding. It’s also the only hotel in Capri with direct access to a public beach. 

Get to say I Do to your spouse at the town hall and later celebrate your reception at the beautiful garden that overlooks the gulf, the lounge bar terrace, or the restaurant area. 

Immerse yourself in the calm and relaxing environment at the excellent wellness and spa facility, or get some cardio at the well-equipped gym. You can also explore more of Capri and enjoy fun activities like hiking, helicopter tours, or luxury speedboat rides.

JK Place Capri has customized wedding packages to suit your budget and event needs.

Capri Destination Wedding Legal Requirements

It’s exciting to plan a Capri wedding, but you need to understand the legal requirements before you get into the finer details.

Here are the legal details to have in mind. 

Legal Weddings Vs. Symbolic Weddings

As a couple, you can have a symbolic ceremony anywhere in Capri, as the ceremony is not legally binding. You can opt for a civil or religious ceremony back home and have a Capri wedding to celebrate your special day.  That eliminates paperwork and allows you to find your preferred wedding venue. 

Alternatively, you can exchange your vows and celebrate all in one day by having a civil ceremony.

Civil ceremonies can be held in Capri town in the City Hall building. Any ceremony in City Hall is free, but a charge applies for other venues like Punta Cannone scenic overlook and Gardens of Augustus. 

Capri has specific outdoor venues for civil ceremonies. However, there is a charge if you choose to use these venues. 

Required Legal Documents & Cost

Some of the documents required for a civil, symbolic, or religious wedding, you need:

  • A valid national ID or passport for both parties
  • Certified copies of original birth certificates for both parties
  • Death certificate if widowed or divorce papers if previously married and divorced.
  • An affidavit before a consular office of your home country stating that there are no legal impediments to your marriage in your home country
  • An Atto Notorio signed by two witnesses confirming no legal impediment to your marriage
  • A declaration of intent to marry submitted to the civil registrar

Catholic weddings will need:

  • A written letter of permission from the priest
  • Proof of attendance at a premarital course
  • Certificates of baptism
  • Certificates of confirmation
  • Certificate of the first communion
  • Nihil Obstat, a letter of no impediment to marry


For a civil wedding in the municipality of Capri, you’ll incur certain fees that include:

  • A rush fee of 31,86 Euros for the Atto Notorio, if applicable
  • An application fee of 50 Euros for the Nulla Osta
  • An application of 10,62 Euros for the Atto Notorio
  • Two revenue stamps for the Atto Notorio of 16 Euros
  • A revenue stamp for the Nulla Osta of 16 Euros

A ceremony conducted during working hours in City Hall starts from 350 Euros, while that outside of working hours can go up to 500 Euros. 

Celebrations done in the gardens, terraces, or viewpoints owned by the municipality are 1,500 Euros. 

Legal Marriage Timeline

While Capri has no residency requirements for you to get married, two to three days should be enough. 

Nonetheless, arriving at least five days before the wedding allows you to ensure all documentation is ready and your preferred venue is available on your wedding date. Additionally, all couples must go to the town hall to make a declaration of no impediment one or two days before the wedding. 

Capri Destination Wedding Planning Tips

For most couples, a destination wedding in Capri is a dream come true.  However, if you’ve never been to Italy, you may have no idea how to get there or what weather to expect. 

Here are a few tips on budgeting for a Capri wedding and how to get to this beautiful island. 

How to Get There

There are several direct flights to Italy’s major airports. Alitalia, Italy’s national carrier, has daily flights into Italy from multiple countries.

American Airlines and Delta have daily flights from Miami, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Atlanta to Milan and Rome. 

Although Florence doesn’t have an international airport, Venice Airport has a non-stop daily connection with New York via Delta.

After landing at the Rome Airport, you have to travel to Naples via train and get on a ferry or hydrofoil to Naples. The train is an hour and ten minutes.

You can access Capri from Naples, Sorrento, or Rome by boat. That entails taking the hydrofoil or the ferry. The hydrofoil takes approximately 40 minutes from Molo Beverello, Naples, while the ferries leave from Calata di Massa and can take close to 80 minutes.

It takes 25 minutes from Marina Piccola, Sorrento, to Capri on the hydrofoil. Moreover, it’s less hectic than leaving for Naples.

All hydrofoils and ferries dock at Marina Grande, Capri. You can take a taxi, bus, or the funicular if heading up the hill to the town of Capri.

Capri Weather

Capri has four seasons, each with its weather. 

Spring starts from March through May, with temperatures ranging from 15 to 22 degrees Celsius. The weather is mild and perfect for day trips and a boat tour of the island.

June through August is summer months in Capri. Temperatures range from 26 degrees Celsius to 29 degrees Celsius. Summer attracts big crowds, and the heat can be unbearable.

September to November are Autumn months, and temperatures range from 22 degrees to 26 degrees Celsius. It’s quieter at this time as tourist numbers decline. The weather is still warm to spend your days on the beach and tour the city.

Winter starts from December to February. The average temperature during this season is 14 degrees Celsius. Most hotels are closed during winter, and you may have limited options. However, it’s also the best time to interact with the locals and experience the island’s culture. 

Budgeting Tips

Capri exudes luxury and elegance, and you may be tempted to think it’s out of your budget.

The good thing is that it’s possible to have a Capri wedding and tour this incredible island on a budget. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Schedule Your Wedding Date in Autumn

Capri is a popular destination for summer weddings. Unfortunately, it’s also peak tourism season, which translates to large crowds and expensive accommodations. Your best bet is to schedule your wedding from September to November, which is the autumn season. There are fewer people, and you’re likely to get great discounts on wedding venues and accommodation. 

Explore Free Activities on the Island

Wear some boots and transverse the island’s ancient trails. Spend some cocktails at the Marina Grande as you enjoy the cool breeze, visit the Punta Carena lighthouse, or explore the nearby town, Anacapri and learn about their culture. 

Best Time of Year to Get Married in Capri

The best time of year for a Capri wedding is between May and Mid-September. 

June through August are more popular as they are summer months in Capri and tend to be hot, with less chance of rain. If you don’t mind the heat, you can schedule your wedding around this time. 

Nevertheless, you should note that this is also peak tourism season. You may pay a premium for accommodation and wedding venues during the summer. 

September to November are autumn months and a perfect season to schedule your wedding if you prefer fewer crowds and are looking to save money.


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