Costa Rica Wedding – 5 Best Packages & Wedding Guide

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If you’re looking for unspoiled beaches, lush rainforests, and beautiful wildlife, you need to visit Costa Rica. Thanks to its romantic landscapes and warm pristine waters, many young couples look forward to a Costa Rica wedding.

This country is also famous for its amazing wildlife – from jaguars to monkeys to toucans. The natural surroundings of this place offer an interesting play of colors.

There are active volcanoes, cloud-covered forests, and lots of outdoor activities in this tropical paradise. All these features make it an exciting place to get married. Whether you’re a nature seeker, an adventure enthusiast, or just a die-hard romantic, Costa Rica offers a magical wonderland ideal for all kinds of weddings.

About Destination Weddings in Costa Rica

Why Get Married in Costa Rica

A Costa Rica wedding is full of excitement, adventure, and glamour. This is the reason so many people come here to get married.

There are thick jungles, sprawling beaches, and powdery sands. There are butterflies among waterfall gardens and active volcanoes where you can take a hike. Or just sit in a hammock under a beautiful palm tree and relax before your big day.

You’ll find several beautiful resorts and other wedding venues in Costa Rica. Many of them offer all-inclusive deals and packages so you can sit and relax while they plan everything.

Average Cost of a Destination Wedding in Costa Rica

Costa Rica wedding costs depend largely on the preferences of the couple and the number of guests. A small elopement can be very economical while a lavish ceremony can be over the budget.

The average cost for accommodation in a good resort would be $200 per room for a night. The ceremony, including the cake and flowers, would cost $5000. Reception costs would be about $200-$400 per person, depending on the menu.

Taking all these factors into account, the average cost of a Costa Rica wedding for 50 guests would be around $18000 to $28000.

The Best Costa Rica Wedding Venues &Wedding Packages

Marriott Hotel Hacienda Belen

With 28 versatile meeting rooms and over 14,000 sqft of high-end event space, this place offers everything you need for a lavish wedding. The Juan Vazquez ballroom can accommodate up to 1000 guests and their Central Courtyard is ideal for outdoor cocktails.

With personalized services, Costa Rica Marriott ensures you have an experience you’ll never forget. The hotel’s kitchen uses only local and fresh ingredients and creates a scrumptious menu for your guests.

Located just a couple of minutes from Juan Santamaría International Airport, this hotel offers easy access to prominent locations such as Britt’s Coffee Tour.

Enjoy your stay with a game at the golf ground or the tennis court inside the hotel. And when you want to pamper yourself before your Costa Rica wedding, head to their spa. They also have a fitness center and an outdoor pool.

The Great Room of this hotel offers a cozy place where you can curl up with a good book and have all the peace you want.

They offer various wedding venues surrounded by green grounds and coffee plantations. Among their several venues, you’ll also find a colonial hacienda for an old-school vintage feel.

Intercontinental San Jose

The Intercontinental nestles within the Multiplaza Mall complex in San Jose. It has 4 lively restaurants, a vibrant ambiance, a holistic spa, and heated pools among tropical gardens. It’s the perfect place for a Costa Rica wedding.

The venue has 13 event rooms and a Convection Center, allowing you to have the perfect theme and décor for your wedding. If you’re looking for a big indoor reception, the ballroom would be perfect for that.

Their Zambra Lobby Bar is the ideal place for your guests to relax and unwind with live music, handmade cocktails, and a tapas menu. And when you’re in the mood for something Italian, head out to Pimento, the dining area that serves traditional Italian foods including homemade pasta, soups, fresh seafood, and amazing desserts.

When it comes to accommodating wedding guests, you’ll find three main options: suites, executive rooms, and standard rooms. Want to hold a grand wedding? Intercontinental will be the right choice as there are 372 rooms to accommodate all your guests.

Intercontinental has 21 versatile meeting rooms that can be arranged according to your specifications. All rooms come with modern amenities to make sure your wedding goes exactly as planned.

Villa Caletas

If you want a traditional Roman amphitheater with a backdrop of seaside cliffs, this is the perfect venue for your Costa Rica wedding. Get married right next to an infinity pool that gives impeccable views of the Pacific Ocean.

Turn your wedding dreams into reality with unique locations and romantic elegance with a private beach, a royal amphitheater area, and a heavenly Zephyr Palace. Combine the finest essences of different eras and create an unforgettable experience.

The hotel offers personal wedding coordinators who will assist you and make sure your wedding goes just the way you wanted. They cater to all types of weddings – intimate or lavish. And with each wedding, they promise elegant dinners, amazing dancing locations, and spectacular views.

As you get ready for your special day, relax in Serenity Spa which has experienced therapists with several spa treatment options.

There are different types of accommodations from simple and standard ones to exotic and romantic ones. You’re looking for seclusion and intimacy and Villa Caletas will give you that.

From its private and beautiful beach to its remarkable architectural elements, there is so much here for you to fall in love with.

Villa Punto De Vista

Villa Punto De Vista is the place where the jungle meets the sea. It has a characteristic feature of lush green forest lining on one side and pristine white sandy beaches on the other side.

In this venue, you get your private rainforest. Invite your guests to this one-of-a-kind location where you can get lost in the beauty of nature.

Villa Punto De Vista sits beside Villa la Isla and you can get the entire estate for your wedding. While this place is strikingly beautiful, it can accommodate a maximum of 54 people, which means it is ideal for a small-sized Costa Rica wedding.

The venue spreads across 2.5 acres of land and covers tropical reserves with incredible wildlife and the warm waters of Manuel Antonio Bay. Both the villas blend easily into the surroundings and you can get 180 degrees views of raw unfiltered nature from 10 guestrooms.

Made with natural and sturdy materials such as teak, this villa gives a premium feel and the venue has won awards and accolades for its beauty and modern amenities.

Whether you want a beach or forest wedding, you can get it here at Villa Punto De Vista.

Casa Chameleon

Casa Chameleon Costa Rica is the perfect place to fall in love with. Get handcrafted ceremonies designed exactly according to your preferences. With a dedicated team, they make sure your Costa Rica wedding is perfect.

There are secluded open-air places like Mal Pais, OCiO, and Las Catalinas to create the perfect ambiance for your wedding. There are several romantic hideaways in this place and there is an elopement package that lets you have beautiful and intimate moments with your loved one as you tie the knot.

Your wedding calls for impressive and extraordinary celebrations. This resort offers true luxury and a private paradise to you.

Enjoy beachside accommodation in a free-spirited way as you stay close to nature while being lost in love. Find a sanctuary of serenity and tranquility on the pristine beaches that open up to green forests.

Enjoy beachside butler service and priority access to the adults-only infinity pool at Casa Chameleon. There is an exquisite spa and scrumptious dining options here.

Embrace the panoramic views and Pura Vida atmosphere or raw nature in this unique venue. Create an exceptional experience that can be cherished for life.

Costa Rica Destination Wedding Legal Requirements

Legal Weddings vs. Symbolic Weddings

Getting married in Costa Rica is a heavenly experience. However, you must decide how you want it. Do you want the legal paperwork back in your home country with just the ceremony here? Or do you want both the paperwork and the ceremony in Costa Rica?

If you want only the ceremony, it’s called a symbolic wedding. But if you want paperwork and ceremony here, it’s called a legal or a civil wedding.

Most couples prefer a symbolic wedding as they complete the paperwork hassle at home. But it’s totally up to you. If you want a legal wedding in Costa Rica, most hotels and resorts will help you with that.

Required Legal Documents & Cost

There aren’t any strict requirements for a Costa Rica wedding. You’ll need copies of passports of the bride and groom. The passport should be valid for at least the next 6 months.

You also need a legal officiant. You can find an officiant on your own or you can contact your hotel or resort. They generally have links and can arrange everything for you. Next, you need two witnesses. Anyone with a valid ID can be a witness. Again, your hotel or resort can help you out here.

You need to provide your passport number, full name, home address, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, and parents’ names to the authorities.

Legal Marriage Timeline

Arrange an officiant before you visit Costa Rica. You can discuss this with your hotel and they will arrange one for you.

Your documents and other formalities should be ready about one month in advance. And it’s always advisable to reach the destination at least 3-4 days before the wedding. This way, you can make sure everything is in order on the big day.

When all the documents are done, a lawyer will register your marriage. Once it is authenticated by the consulate in your country, you will receive the documents via post. It generally takes about 3 months to receive them.

Costa Rica Destination Wedding Planning Tips

How to Get There

Costa Rica has two international airports, Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO) and Daniel Oduber Quiros (LIR). SJO is the main airport and connects to multiple cities all over the world by flight carriers such as US Airways, Air Canada, American Airlines, and Juan Santamaria.

If you want to travel by sea, you can get a boat to Costa Rica. There are also luxury cruises from Panama that visit the remote beaches of Costa Rica.

And if you want to visit by car, you can take the Interamericana Highway Costa Rica. You’ll also find frequent buses on this route.

Costa Rica Weather

Costa Rica stays warm throughout the year and the temperatures range from 80°F to 90°F in coastal areas. In the countryside and mountainside, the temperatures usually fall between 75°F and 80°F.

Winters typically last from December to April and the weather is pretty stable then. There is little to no rainfall and it stays sunny. Other months receive varying amounts of rainfall. While rains might not be the best time for an open-air wedding, they do bring out a vibrant green color in the forest areas.

However, summer and rainy seasons are generally warm and damp and winters are more pleasant.

Budgeting Tips

Here are some tips to save money on your Costa Rica wedding:

  • While San Jose is the biggest city in Costa Rica, it’s also expensive. Instead of shopping here, you can shop at more affordable options – San Ramon or Dominical.
  • Airbnbs and homestays are generally more expensive in Costa Rica than hotels and resorts. So make sure to compare prices before booking a homestay.
  • Keep the dates flexible and ask the resort if they run any deals near your wedding date

Best Time of Year to Get Married in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the most pleasant from December to April. The days are sunny and bright, and open-air weddings are beautiful. The green season lasts from May to June – that’s the time when trees grow new leaves.

November is also the time of transition when seasons change and trees shed their leaves. September and October come with heavy rainfall and it might hamper the plan of an outdoor event. But keep in mind that this is the off-season so most hotels and resorts offer a discount in these months.

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