6 Best Places To Buy Cushion Cut Engagement Rings in 2023

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Cushion cut engagement rings make all heads turn, so consider one when planning to get engaged.

But where you get your ring is a significant part of what will help you bring your vision to life. Ensure you get your ring from the best retailer by exploring all options.

What Are Cushion Cut Engagement Rings?

Cushion cut engagement rings are one of the most elegant and relatively affordable rings you can opt for for your big day. The ring has continued to gain popularity thanks to its curved edges of cushion-cut stones, which enhance the size of the facet, giving the stone a more opulent and exquisite shine.

The cushion cut ring maintains its elegance whether it’s halo, solitaire, or in the three-stone setting. No two cushion-cut diamonds are precisely alike, meaning your soulmate’s ring will always be unique. Some rocks are spherical, while others are square or even oval.

Best Places To Buy Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

There are numerous sites to get cushion cut engagement rings but beware of unscrupulous vendors that offer fakes. Here are tried-and-true retailers to purchase a stunning engagement diamond for your loved one:

1. James Allen

One of the most well-known online vendors of engagement jewelry is James Allen. The site is renowned for its low costs, 360-degree films of its jewels, first-rate customer support, and 30-day return policy.

The variety of options offered by James Allen is unmatched. You will surely get confused but leave with a piece that best suits your loved one.

2. Clean Origin

Clean Origin provides a diverse selection of cushion cut rings, allowing you to choose the best stone to express your love. Additionally, because every Clean Origin diamond is lab-grown, you can be guaranteed that it is morally and ecologically sustainable while also paying 20–30% less than traditionally mined diamonds.

The user experience on Clean Origin’s website is simple. Their quick diamond search gives you all the information you need to choose the best ring that visualizes your love. In addition, every ring on their website has beautiful images, and you can easily apply filters.

3. Blue Nile

The cushion cut engagement rings sold by Blue Nile are genuine and won’t break the bank. However, it makes sense that someone looking to buy a ring would be wary of them because they are less expensive than rings in traditional brick-and-mortar establishments. The firm strategy is solely responsible for the pricing disparity.

Although less than its rivals, Blue Nile has more than 120,000 diamonds on their website, which is more than enough to guarantee you’ll discover something that fits your taste and budget.

The store offers both natural and synthetic diamonds for sale. Diamonds with anything less than an exceptional cut are not available from Blue Nile.

Blue Nile also offers diamonds in rare hues. Their availability varies, much like their distinctive shapes, but you can look for rose gold, silver, or gold.

4. WhiteFlash

In addition to having a large assortment of diamonds in various cuts, colours, sizes, carats, and clarity, all of their diamonds are examined and verified by the AGS.

Many people don’t prefer WhiteFlash because they can’t express their creativity in the setting since they only offer solitaire, halo, pave, and three-stone settings. However, all hope is not lost since you can modify the setting to accommodate the desired diamond size.

They also have a vast assortment of rings from various designers if you’d prefer to pick out a ready-made band.

5. Brian Gavin

Brian Gavin in the jewelry industry is a game changer. Anything he puts his hands on is almost like platinum; true to this, their cushion cut engagement rings are an increasing strength in their inventory. Brian Gavin designed a wonderfully distinctive diamond design cushion cut engagement ring with the precise balance necessary to create a lovely hearts and arrows pattern.

The ring with the highest level of optical symmetry, thanks to his master cutting procedure, is the closest to ring heaven you can get. Not only does this diamond excel in dynamic range, but its dimensions are also superb. While the ring looks good on everything, the diamond looks spectacular in a halo setting.

6. Zales

Zales offers a wide selection of engagement rings to cater to everyone’s preferences. The best part about Zales is that it has lots of lovely alternatives open for shoppers on a budget because they understand that while love cannot be quantified, there are restrictions on the amount you may spend on an engagement ring.

The retailers offer different delivery options. For example, you can opt to have your engagement ring shipped directly to your door, which will take about two business days, or to have it delivered to a nearby Zales store, which will take about three business days.

If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, the company allows online purchases to be returned to any Zales location or mailed within 60 days of the purchase date. However, processing refunds could take up to 30 days.

What Qualities Should an Engagement Ring Retailer Have?

Finding the ideal engagement ring involves a lot of emotions and expectations. A big part of finding “the one” ring is the retailer. For this reason, you must be very cautious when deciding which store to bring on this journey.

So how do you choose the ideal engagement ring retailer for your special someone?

Here are a few characteristics to help you decide:


When buying an engagement ring for your love, remember that the ring is an heirloom. Therefore, you need to explore as many options as possible to pick the best one that can be passed down to your generation. Avoid any store that doesn’t leave you confused with options.

Having a lot of alternatives can enable you to save money and get a unique ring.


It’s stressful enough to plan a proposal. The last thing you want during this time is to have a back-and-forth with the retailer. Instead, pick a spot where buying, selecting, and receiving the ring are simple. You can find out how efficient the store is through social media reviews or google.

Some things you can look out for while gauging the seller’s efficiency are:

  • How long will it take for the ring to arrive?
  • Suppose it needs to be resized; how long will it take?
  • Can they make modifications?

Customer Service

Good customer service is non-negotiable. Engagement rings cost a pretty handsome amount, and having the store online doesn’t improve the situation. For this reason, great customer service is vital to help you choose the best ring and streamline the entire process.


The salespeople who help you choose an engagement ring should be experts. They need to communicate their extensive knowledge understandably. You need to understand the language used by salespeople since you aren’t familiar with the world of diamonds, jewelry, and precious metals.

You can speak with jewelry experts who can help you fully understand what you are buying by settling on the right store. Additionally, getting precisely what you need will be simpler thanks to their experience and skills.


Cushion cut rings are indeed breathtaking and a great choice. However, remember, the rings aren’t cheap as well. Therefore do your due diligence on the seller before committing to the purchase. The options are broad, and with just a bit of patience and diligence, you will get the one that best suits your soon-to-be fiancee.

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