11 Gold Engagement Ring Designs And Trends You Need To Know


If you are thinking of popping the question anytime soon, you must look at these gold engagement ring designs. Now, why should you choose gold among other metals? Is there a reason people have chosen gold rings for engagement rings over the years? 

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Gold Engagement Ring

As a hopeful groom, you might wonder if you should spend your money merely to follow a tradition. While other, more adventurous grooms have chosen alternative metals, gold remains the more popular base metal choice for engagement rings. 

Timeless Jewelry Piece

Gold engagement rings never go out of fashion. You can also choose between three gold tones: yellow, white, and gold. Pick the gold tone that your future bride would prefer. You can also base your decision on how the ring complements the engagement stone. 


You can pass a gold engagement ring as an heirloom piece. Its malleability is advantageous, especially if the recipient wants to change the ring’s style. Gold can be melted and fashioned into a trendier design.

Comes In Many Options

You can choose from white, yellow, and rose gold tones. Each one has its own set of strengths. 

Gold Comes In Different Blends 

You can balance out value and durability when it comes to gold. Pure gold is soft, so it needs to be blended with other metals to become durable. The good news is that the lower gold karats are cheaper but more durable than the higher ones. 


Most people consider gold engagement rings as investment pieces. The constantly high value of gold allows owners to resell it in the future or let younger generations enjoy its beauty and value. 

What Kind Of Gold Ring Should You Get?

You must consider several factors before choosing your gold engagement ring’s karat grade and tone. 

Gold Grade, Durability, And Tone 

Gold engagement ring designs are always a combination of a specific concentration of gold and a set of other metals. Jewelers combine gold with other metals for two reasons: to alter the yellow tone of the gold and to make the gold more durable. Pure gold is too soft to be used on its own in jewelry. 

  • 18K Gold: This is the most expensive and the softest wearable gold karat grade. The tone of yellow gold is more vibrant in this karat because of the higher gold concentration. In white gold, this can look darker because there is less rhodium. 
  • 14K Gold: This is more durable than 18K gold but less valuable. Some pawnshops do not accept anything lower than 14K gold. For the yellow gold variant, you can expect a slightly paler gold. On the other hand, a 14K white gold is whiter and more durable than its 18K counterpart. 
  • 10K Gold: Often not accepted in most pawnshops because it is considered “gold plated” by most gold lovers. It’s not the top choice for gold engagement ring designs. 


As gold is mixed with other metals in jewelry, you need to ensure that your future bride is not allergic to them. Nickel is a common alloy for white gold, and copper is a common alloy to make rose gold. Yellow gold is a safe choice for sensitive skin as it needs no other metals to change its tone. If your bride loves white metals, white gold with palladium alloy is a good alternative.  

11 Best Gold Engagement Ring Designs And Trends To Consider

Every bride is different, and the possibilities for gold engagement ring designs are limitless. Explore options, dwell on classics and get to know the latest innovations before picking out the right ring for your special someone. 

1. Go Vintage 

There is a strong demand for chunky, big-stoned vintage gold engagement rings this year. Women are rediscovering the beauty of classical, bold designs. Old European, Old Mine, and milgrain diamond settings are returning to the fold.

2. Gender-neutral rings

While some brides still prefer dainty bands for their diamonds, others have chosen the bolder path toward chunkier bands. Bigger gold bands encrusted with smaller stones might be the right fit for your trendy bride. 

3. Toi Et Moi 

A Toi et Moi is an open band ring with two or three stones meeting in the middle. This design has been around for years, but now it is one of the best choices for gold engagement rings. Your bride will love having more than one gemstone in her engagement ring

4. Modern Bridal Set 

Women love layering their rings. With modern bridal sets, the wedding band is designed to fit perfectly with the engagement ring. Wearing them together or separately is always fashionable. They are your modern-day bridal puzzle rings. 

5. Halo Engagement Rings 

Bigger diamonds and moissanite might be beyond your budget. Halo-ed engagement pieces give similar light reflectivity to big 3-carat stones because paved, smaller gems surround the center stone. 

6. Colored Gemstones 

Not all brides are a fan of the colorless diamond. Others prefer to have color n their engagement stones. Consider having blue sapphire or ruby as a center stone in your adventurous bride’s gold engagement ring. 

7. Black Diamonds 

For the sultrier bride, black diamond gemstones are the best choice. This gemstone is attractive because the shine of the stone seems more mysterious. 

8. Ovals And Pears 

Aside from circular and boxy diamond shapes, the marquis, pear, and oval shapes are also gaining more popularity. When set to sit along the line of the finger, these elongated stones look flattering because they seem to lengthen and slim down the finger. 

9. Rose Gold Engagement Ring Designs 

Rose gold seems to be the metal of choice for most brides for the past two years, next to white gold. While white gold enhances the colorlessness of a high-grade diamond stone, rose gold rings flatter any skin tone and make even yellower diamond rings appear high-end. 

10. Asscher-Cut Diamond Rings

The Asscher cut is the fast favorite among diamond cuts for engagement rings. The modern design of the diamond cut looks its best on white gold engagement rings. 

11. Minimalist Engagement Rings

Whether raised or not, the solitaire diamond ring is still in fashion. Younger brides seem to prefer this over their flashier counterparts. If you wish to make the design more unique, you can always ask the jeweler to play around with the carvings on the band. 

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