Point Up Or Down: How To Wear A Pear Shaped Engagement Ring Elegantly?


Are you getting married soon? You might wonder how to wear a pear shaped engagement ring. A pear shaped engagement ring is one of the most popular options for the contemporary bride because it blends the round brilliant and the marquis style. The stone shape is elegant and unique. 

Do You Wear A Pear-Shaped Engagement Ring Up Or Down?

You can wear a pear-shaped ring pointed up or down. It’s your choice. The most common way of wearing it is with the tip of the pear pointed toward your fingernails. That way, it looks like the pear is facing the right side up or like a falling teardrop when you look down at your hand. But wearing it the other way is perfectly acceptable and offers a change of style.

5 Things To Know When Buying Pear Shaped Engagement Ring 

If you’re looking for a pear shaped ring for your marriage proposal, we have a quick guide below that answers the most common questions about this kind of ring.

1. Why You Should Pick A Pear Shaped Engagement Ring 

The pear shaped diamond engagement ring is rounded at the bottom with a sharp, tapered end at the other tip. Most brides pick this engagement ring shape because of its brilliance and sparkle. It is also because of how much larger the diamond appears in this shape. Pear shaped diamond rings also make the finger of the wearer seem more slender. It’s a very flattering shape.  

2. Pay Attention To The Symmetry Of The Gemstone

Examining a pear-shaped diamond engagement ring’s symmetry is very important. An asymmetrical pear diamond will make the ring look lopsided. This might make you hate your engagement ring, considering how big pear-shaped diamonds appear. It is also important for you to look at the stone’s bow-tie effect. Most pear-shaped diamonds will exhibit this dark shadowing. However, the gravity of the darkness will vary. Try to get a ring that has an almost invisible bow tie. 

3. What Setting Is Best For Pear Shaped Ring?

The best setting for a pear shaped ring depends on the wearer. This will also determine how to wear a pear shaped engagement ring. The classic design is the raised solitaire with the pointed tip facing upwards. Some also choose to wear this solitaire setting with the pointed tip downwards. 

If you want a more showy setting, you can opt for a halo of smaller diamonds around your big pear diamond engagement ring. You can also pave the wedding band with smaller diamonds. 

Tilted designs of pear-shaped engagement rings are also becoming more popular for the quirkier bride. A less popular but more unique setting would be the dangling pear stone. This is, however, risky as the stone could get detached from the band.  

Others pair their pear-shaped stones with another stone in a Toi Et Moi setting. Pear shaped diamonds are usually paired with a favorite colored gem. The rocks symbolize two soulmates finally meeting each other.  

4. What Metal Goes Well With A Tear Drop Or Pear Shaped Ring?

Almost any metal goes well with a high-grade, colorless, pear-shaped engagement stone. Platinum and white gold are usually used when setting the most expensive colorless diamonds or moissanite stones. 

If your diamond stone has a tinge of yellow, you can neutralize it by setting it on yellow or rose gold. You should also consider how the metal band flatters your skin tone the most.   

5. Quick Tips On How To Care For Your Pear Diamond Ring

While the pear diamond ring is flattering on almost any finger, the pointed tip makes it more fragile than other diamond shapes. Consider having it set with rounded prongs for extra protection. Generally, do not wear your ring when handling harsh chemicals, sleeping, playing sports, or any activity involving contact with rough surfaces. 

You may clean your pear shaped diamond engagement ring with hot water and mild, lotion-less soap. Let the ring sit in the warm soapy water before cleaning the ring’s gallery with a soft brush. Only polish the metal band once in a while because polishing can result in some metal loss. 

3 Most Common Ways Women Wear A Pear Shaped Engagement Ring 

There is no hard rule on how to wear a pear shaped engagement ring. Some brides like to wear their pears alone, especially if it is set as a solitary stone on a minimalist band. Others prefer to layer up their pear shaped engagement rings because the stone looks flattering when worn with their other rings. 

One can get confused quickly about the orientation of a pear shaped diamond engagement ring.  The most common way to wear this ring is with the pointed tip facing upwards. Some, however, find that the shape is more flattering when the tip is pointed downward. It is a matter of personal preference. 

Solo And Queenlike 

Wearing the ring alone on your ring finger is the common way of wearing the pear engagement ring. Brides who want to emphasize their big pear stones do this. This is also common practice before the wedding, or when the bride wants a simpler look without the flashy wedding band. 

Stacked With The Wedding Band 

Usually, those who have pear shaped diamond rings pair this up with a flattering wedding band. The most common wedding band to pair with the pear shaped diamond ring is an eternity wedding band with diamonds encrusting the whole band. A contoured wedding band is also an option if you want to halo the rounded tip of the pear stone. 

Layered Fun 

The fun bride can also wear her ring layered with other colored, minimalist gem rings. Stacking three minimalist solitaires is a popular way to enhance a pear engagement ring. If you still need to get your wedding band, you can wear minimalist dainty band gemstone rings in the same metal color with your engagement ring.  

What Kind Of Wedding Band Goes Well With A Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring? 

A plain wedding band looks decent with the pear shaped diamond engagement ring. However, the eternity ring band is the best wedding band for this engagement ring style. A wedding ring band in the same metal color as the engagement ring with either round brilliants or horizontal marquis diamonds lining the band all around is most flattering. 

You may also opt for a half eternity if an eternity ring is too impractical to wear daily. The key is to find the proper size ratio between the pear engagement stone and the stones on the wedding band. The engagement ring should not look like it is competing with the stones of your wedding band. 

Contoured, half-infinity wedding bands are also great options because they can halo the ring’s pointed or rounded tip. 

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