How To Use Men’s Wedding Ring Sizes Chart And Other Tools


Wedding rings are jewelry pieces worn almost all the time, with a few exceptions (e.g., while showering, sleeping, or working out in the gym). To maximize the wearer’s comfort, getting the proper fit is essential.  A mens wedding ring sizes chart is a handy guide to help you get the correct ring size for yourself or your significant other. 

In this particular read, we’re discussing how to use a ring size chart for men.

Mens Wedding Ring Sizes Chart And Average Men’s Ring Size?

In the United States, ring size is a numerical designation corresponding to a specific measurement of a ring’s inner circumference in millimeters. Most charts have ring sizes 3 to 15; others go up to size 20. 

A ring size 3 is about 44.2 mm, while a ring size 4 is 46.6 mm. The difference between whole-number ring sizes is around 2.4 to 2.7 mm. There are also available ring sizes between whole-number sizes (e.g., ring size 3.25, 3.50, and 3.75).

Compared with women’s, men’s fingers and knuckles are generally larger. Therefore, their average ring size is larger: 8 to 14. The average woman wears anywhere from 5 to 8.

Apart from the ring size, men’s and women’s wedding rings also differ in thickness. Most men prefer wider bands (8mm to 10 mm) to make them appear proportional to their large fingers. On the other hand, women opt for a more slender one: rings with a 4 mm to 6 mm thickness.

How To Prepare Before Measuring Your Ring Size

First off, identify on which finger you’ll put the ring. Some wear wedding rings on their left ring finger (the most common); others on their left. Note that your dominant hand will have larger fingers.

It’s best to measure at the end of the day in an area with normal room temperature. In the morning, fingers are more swollen. Cold weather can shrink fingers a bit; heat, on the other hand, can lead to finger swelling. 

Experts also don’t recommend measuring your ring size after you’ve performed intense physical activities, had a large fluid intake, or had just come from a long flight — which can cause your hands to swell.

Finger measurement shouldn’t also be done when you’re sick or feverish.

Even though you’re well-prepared, you must measure three to four times to boost and check for accuracy.

Quick Tips On How To Measure Your Wedding Ring Size

Measuring your wedding ring size is one of the easiest tasks on your wedding to-do list. Aside from mens wedding ring sizes chart, you can try different ways to measure your ring size at home.

The Tape Measure Method

The ideal at-home tool, a tape measure boasts superior flexibility and the availability of millimeter markers. 

  • To use it, simply wrap it around the finger of your choice.
  • Make sure to leave some wiggle room — don’t tightly wrap the tape measure.
  • Then, take note of the length.

The general rule of thumb is to get a ring size .25 or 0.5 larger than the actual ring size corresponding to your finger’s measurement. So if it falls on size 8, it’s better to get size 8.25 or 8.5.

The String Method

In place of a tape measure, you can use a string (or dental floss).

  • Wrap it around your finger and cut where the ends overlap. 
  • Print out a ring size chart to the right size.
    • A chart usually has circles (depicting the ring size) with a horizontal line underneath (representing the corresponding inner circumference in millimeters).
    • Another version has circles and a ruler at the top or the bottom of the page, complete with markers in millimeters, centimeters, and inches.
  • If your chart is the latter, straighten the string and line it up with the ruler. 
  • If it’s the former, find the horizontal line that matches the length of the string.
  • If you don’t have a printer but have a physical ruler, use that in place of the printable ring size chart.

The Paper Strip Method

This method is similar to the one above. You can simply cut out a thin strip from any paper and use that instead of a string. Or you can also get a printable ring sizer.

The Printable Ring Sizer Method

You can also find a printable ring sizer that resembles a mini-tape measure. The difference is that the markers are already the ring sizes (e.g., 3, 4, 5) and not the standard units of measurement. It has a squared end with a line that you need to slit. This is where you will insert the other end where the ring size markers are located. 

Note the size where the fit of the paper strip is most comfortable. That will be the ring size that you should get.

The Ruler Method

If you only have a ruler at home, you can still use that rigid measuring tool to get your finger’s measurement. 

  • Choose a starting point and mark that as point 0.
  • Pivot the ruler, ensuring it doesn’t move away from your skin.
  • Completely spin the ruler around your finger back to point 0 and take note of the measurement.

What’s The Most Accurate Way To Measure Your Ring Size?

Measuring using at-home tools can yield some discrepancies even with a mens wedding ring sizes chart to guide you. To accurately measure your ring size and save yourself from resizing, you must visit a local jewelry store and get assistance from a professional jeweler.

They use a nifty device to measure the circumference of their customers’ ring fingers. A jeweler is also familiar with environmental factors that may affect the accuracy of the measurement.

The best part of going to a reputable jewelry shop is trying different men’s wedding rings and bands on display and available there. Apart from the fit and comfort, you’ll see how the design and proportion look once you’ve already worn the ring.

What To Do If Your Size Falls Between Two Sizes? 

Most of the time, the measurement of your finger won’t fall exactly on the sizes indicated on a mens wedding ring sizes chart. If it falls between two sizes, the best option is to go for the larger one.

When you size down, it can compromise the wearability (and comfort) of your ring. On the other hand, sizing up guarantees that your ring will fit, albeit loosely. 

But just in case you pick the wrong ring size, you can visit your local jewelry store to have your ring professionally and safely altered.

With the ring size issue out of the way, you can now tackle another item on the wedding planning list— your wedding entrance ideas.

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