15 Amazing Photography Valentine’s Day Picture Ideas: From Family, Romantic To Sexy


Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. This day gives us plenty of reasons to pay homage to the people who are the reasons we wake up every morning. If you love to do that by capturing such special moments behind the lens, we prepared a list of photography Valentines day picture ideas for you.

Whether you’re a young couple, partners in their wedding planning stage or husband and wife married for years. You can set the tone for the heart’s day with these valentine’s photography ideas.

Valentine’s Day Photoshoot Could Be A Family Affair

A photoshoot on Valentine’s Day will make it even more memorable. Moreso, if you’re a couple with kids, you’ll include them in the frame. Tap the services of a professional photographer or you can set up the whole thing using your own rig or even just your mobile phones.

1. Family Date 

Who said Valentine’s Day is just for couples? Have fun with the whole family and capture every smile of your beloved partner and kids. Whether you’re just staying at home, exploring the outdoors, or going on a family adventure, make the memories last a lifetime by documenting them. 

2. Don’t Forget The Pet

If you are still waiting for your little bundle of joy, share the frame with your furry friend. Have fun with your dog or cat. Dress them up as if they’re going to a formal dinner with you or a fun-filled escapade to an island somewhere. 

3. Valentine’s Day Dinner With The Fam

Be it a candle-lit dinner with a bottle of wine (and juice for the kids) or a backyard barbecue with the family, take pictures of what everyone’s doing. It’s up to you to turn the photography valentines day picture ideas into something romantic with shots of flowers, chocolates, or ring, or something casual where everyone’s having fun around the table.

4. Pool Party 

If a pool party is your kind of fun for Valentine’s, go for it!  Decorate the backyard with some holiday lights. They can help set the mood and the night up for stunning bokeh photography. 

5. Kids Photography Valentines Day Picture Ideas

Instead of focusing on your partner or yourself, point the lens to your kids. It’s one of the photography Valentines day picture ideas that never fail. Give your kids some props such as flowers, chocolates, balloons, among other things, and let them have fun. For sure, you’ll be able to capture some unique Valentine’s Day pictures.

Photography Valentine’s Photography Ideas For Couples

Are you looking for romantic Valentine’s photography ideas? When mulling about photoshoots for such special occasions, think of the things you and your partner love to do together. WIth that as your compass, here are some Valentine photoshoot ideas for couples:

6. Dream House

If you are a young couple just starting to aim for your life goals, you can treat your partner to a date at your dream house. Rent out a full-furnished property, dress up and have fun taking pictures around your “future” home. It’s up to you whether this will be a penthouse with a great view, a beach house, or an apartment with some character. Anyways, all that matters, in the end, is you’re together.

7. Photo Marathon

Life and love will never be a sprint. It’s a marathon with your chosen partner. Take your loved one on Valentine’s date and do a photo marathon of your day. Capture every special moment, places you visit, and things you do together to make your February 14 memorable.

8. Favorite Escapes

Do you have that special spot that only you and your partner know? Yes, we mean that quiet corner on the rooftop, a bench in the park, or that grassy land near a lake. Ready the picnic basket, bring the photography gear, and take some timeless Valentine’s couple pics! 

9. Fantasy-Themed Snaps

When, just like most people, you are caught up with everyday life dealings, it tends to be boring. Snap out of it, at least on Valentine’s Day. Have a fantasy-themed couple’s photoshoot. Make it fun, dress up as your favorite character, or experiment with looks you’ve never tried before. 

10. Valentine’s Day Engagement Day Photoshoot

If you’re planning to ask that big question, then you’ll have a ton of reasons to think of the best photography Valentines day picture ideas. Preserve the memories using the camera lens. Be it during a romantic dinner for two, at the special place where you plan to pop the question, or at your favorite get-away destination, make sure you plan it all well. 

Sexy Valentines Photography Ideas To Spice Up Things

Valentine’s day photoshoots are also a great way to spice up your relationship. Sexy valentine’s photos can help couples make things interesting. Get ready for handsy, steamy, and jaw-dropping snaps.

11. Room With A View

Rent a place where you can get more comfortable and have a fantastic view to help set the mood. Make most of the space and skin. The kitchen counter, dining table, bed, bathtub, or terrace. To prepare for this photo session, you can gift some nice lingerie, prepare some good food and drinks, and bring a tripod to shoot on your own. 

12. Sultry Stare

Have a few glasses of champagne, have fun, and use props to make the scene extra sexy. Look for props that can help you amp up the sultry illusion. Make sure you take the shots with the right lighting to help emphasize curves and shadows. Capture those eyes that say she wants more.

13. Stay Home 

There’s so much you can do at home to bring your Valentine’s photography ideas to life. Your imagination is the only limit. Think of a milk bath with candles and flower petals, a messy laundry room, flowers and lingerie, your girl in front of the mirror, and so much more.

14. Touching Fingers

A macro shot of your hands can put the spotlight on your diamond engagement ring or your wedding rings. What can be sexier than that?

15. Boudoir Valentine’s Photoshoot

If your partner is up for it, you can hire a professional photographer known for boudoir photoshoots. Ask the photographer for guidance on making it extra special for your lady. Don’t be afraid to join the shots to make it extra memorable for both of you.

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