Santorini Wedding – 5 Beautiful Venues & Wedding Guide

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From chalk-white buildings and candy-colored houses to sapphire waters and black sandy beaches, there are many elements that will add a magical charm to your Santorini wedding.

Walk along the beaches of Oia which are famous for their kaleidoscopic colors and beautiful sunsets. The place enchants many young couples from all over the world because of its natural beauty, unique architecture, delicious wines, fresh flavors, and so much more.

It’s a romantic getaway that’s different from the rest as you can enjoy the beauty of clear waters when you sit near an active volcano. Whether you like beaches, wineries, or hiking trails, there is a lot to do here.

About Destination Weddings in Santorini

Why Get Married in Santorini

With yummy fresh gastronomical delights to outstanding natural features, there is so much in Santorini for young couples. The romantic ambiance of this place is enhanced by the black and red sands on its beaches.

Enjoy the magnificent views of turquoise waters as you visit the local villages of Oia, Akrotiri, and Fira. No matter where you’re from, you cannot miss the blue domes and white walls near the cliffs that are famous throughout the world.

When you’re in this Mediterranean heaven, everything becomes more appealing. Become one with your soulmate as you celebrate your Santorini wedding.

Average Cost of a Destination Wedding in Santorini

Santorini wedding costs vary depending on the venue you select and the number of guests you invite.

A no-frills symbolic wedding ceremony at the beach would cost about €650 and a civil wedding will be approximately €900. You can also have a cruise wedding that will cost you €1200 for a basic ceremony.

An orthodox wedding in the church can cost you €1500. These are the basic wedding costs that don’t include reception and accommodation.

You can add the number of guests, reception, cocktail hour, accommodation, and flight tickets, and the total will go up considerably. However, Santorini is not a very expensive place and you can have a decent-sized wedding here without burning a hole in your pocket.

The 5 Best Santorini Wedding Venues

Vedema Resort

Vedema has 59 spacious villas and suites, making it ideal for a large-sized Santorini wedding. With its own terraces that have private pools and Jacuzzis, it rediscovers luxury in a new way.

It sits in the Megalochori village and offers breathtaking views of the ocean. About 400 years ago, this beautiful resort was a wine cellar but is now re-imagined for couples who are looking for true love.

With its bold arches and subtle play on white and pastel colors, it resonates with the spirit of Santorini. The distinctive architecture of this resort gives it the look of an ancient Greek village.

All rooms have a private patio or balcony that overlooks the resort gardens, giving the place a typical island ambiance.

When you’re at Vedema, make sure you visit the Alati, a 400-year-old winery cave that’s a dining space now. Revel in the cave-like raw feel of the place while you dine on some of the most delicious foods.

You’ll find several vineyards that surround the resort and you can take a sip of their best wines. Make your wedding even more special with the dramatic beauty of the backdrop at Vedema resort.

Mystique Resort

This unique resort carves into the Caldera cliffs and faces the pristine beaches and blue waters of the Aegean Sea. You can clearly see Cycladic architecture here that captures the true essence of Santorini.

The arches and curves carry a subtle and pastel color palette that enhances the space with its brightness. Its glamorous open horizons and romantic settings make the resort perfect for a Santorini wedding.

Enjoy the antique and rustic atmosphere of its cobbled pathways and panoramic sea views. The venue has 41 villas and suites, offering enough space for a medium-to-large-sized wedding.

Visit Charism of the resort to enjoy fresh, mouthwatering Greek dishes that highlight the rich epicurean heritage of the place.

Unwind at the Elios Spa that offers innovative treatments that will relax your entire body as you prepare for your big day. And when you want some intimate moments with your special one, head to Lure, a modern oasis that offers the tranquil and scenic beauty of nature.

To spend time with your friends, visit Captain’s Lounge that’s the perfect place for chit-chat while you sip on a glass of fresh juice or enjoy fresh fruits and ice cream.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith Hotel

If you want a quiet little space for your Santorini wedding, Intercontinental Hotel Group offers the Mr. and Mrs. Smith hotel and lodge. It’s a deserted destination that you can book for a private wedding event.

If you and your partner are silence seekers, this will be the perfect place for you two. Away from the hum drums of city life, lost in each other, read your vows and unite under the Mediterranean skies here.

This hotel is a former farm shelter and is just 500m from the town road. Loaded with all the modern amenities like Jacuzzi, a rooftop terrace, and a day bed on its open Sky Bedroom. The Sky Bedroom is the right place if you want to spend some intimate moments with your soulmate under the beautiful skies.

There are villas at the lodge with kitchenettes and kitchens. There is no restaurant so you can order simple breakfasts like yogurts, juices, and pastries. This is a quiet place that offers good hiking potential.

It offers several places where you can sit and enjoy the golden sunsets of Santorini. There are many wineries within reach so you can go on a wine-tasting tour.

Le Ciel

Add special charm to your Santorini wedding by selecting a venue that offers both indoor and outdoor wedding options. With Le Ciel, you get different venue options along with a wide array of cuisine choices for your menu.

Enjoy the stunning backdrop of world-famous sunsets overlooking the beautiful cliffs in an elegant venue that adds a little sparkle to the event. This place is especially dedicated to weddings and they have trained wedding planners who can make your dream wedding a reality.

Discuss your expectations with them before you arrive at the destination and they will have everything ready when you’re here. Their wedding planning is customizable and you can select the small details of the event.

You can have more time to enjoy the beautiful place with your loved one instead of fussing over the event preparations.

You can book the entire venue for a private event that’s open just to you and your friends and family. The place can host up to 80-120 guests.

Read your vows with the backdrop of the open sea as your guests witness you unite with each other. The beautiful location offers several opportunities for Instagram-worthy shots.

El Viento

This quaint little venue hides in the cliffs of Megalochori village and offers a magical spot for your Santorini wedding.

If you want breathtaking views that are away from the hustle of the city, this is the perfect place to be. Enjoy romantic and intimate moments in this tranquil location that turns your wedding into a fairytale.

It’s the biggest day of your life. Make it extra special with its unique setting. No matter what style of wedding you prefer, you can bring it to life here.

Not to mention the amazing food of the place. Whether you want a rich buffet, a family serving style, or the signature El Viento reception, you can arrange your wedding just the way you want it.

There are all types of fresh seafood and local wine options available. They also have a special vegan and gluten-free menu.

And when you book here, make sure you add their famous Sweet table – a table consisting of delicious desserts from cake pops to colorful candy, arranged most imaginatively.

The open-air bar, the impeccable décor, and the private terrace – all combine to ensure your wedding is an especially memorable one.

Santorini Wedding Legal Requirements

Legal Weddings vs. Symbolic Weddings

Getting legally married means some extra document work. When you visit Santorini and sign the papers here, you register the marriage in Santorini, Greece. The marriage will be legal in your home country too.

However, if you want to register your marriage back in your home country but want to come to Santorini to read your vows and celebrate the event, it is a symbolic wedding.

A legal wedding is also called a civil wedding and it involves some extra document work, which is why most couples prefer symbolic weddings after getting legally married in their home country.

Required Legal Documents & Cost

For a civil Santorini wedding, here are the documents you need:

  • Passports of the bride and groom
  • Marriage license or a no-impediment certificate
  • Birth certificates of the bride and groom
  • Divorce or death certificates of the previous partner(s), if applicable.

The documents should be translated by a government-approved and certified translator.

For a religious wedding where both parties are orthodox, you can have a legal orthodox wedding. And if one of them is orthodox and the other is not, they will need to sign a legal paper that their children will be raised orthodox.

Legal Marriage Timeline

It’s important to obtain a marriage license before coming to Santorini. Visit the Greek consulate in your country to sign a no-impediment certificate. You’ll get a license for marriage only after filling out the no-impediment certificate form.

Get the required documents translated into Greek by a translator who has been approved by the embassy.

Once your paperwork is done, you can travel to Santorini and hold your wedding ceremony here. Your marriage will be registered in Greece and will be recognized all over the world.

Greece doesn’t recognize same-sex marriage. However, you can get a same-sex cohabitation agreement.

Santorini Destination Wedding Planning Tips

How to Get There

You can visit Santorini by air or by water. To reach here via air from the U.S., you can fly to Athens and then take a local flight to Santorini.

Athens to Santorini flights take approximately half an hour and you’ll reach here in no time.

If you want to travel by water, you can take a flight to Athens and then a ferry from Athens to Santorini. A ferry will take about 5-8 hours to reach, depending on the kind of boat.

Santorini also has ferry links with other Greek islands.

Santorini Weather

One good thing about a Santorini wedding is that it’s always sunny and warm. Since it is a Mediterranean place, it’s warm in the summer and cool in winter. And there’s plenty of sunshine all year around.

Summer months start in June and go up to September. Summers are warm and dry. The place gets showers during the winter, especially in December and January.

Summer months aren’t very hot with the temperature reaching about 85oF in peak summer months. The evenings are mildly cool in the summer. Winter temperatures can go down to 50oF in the nighttime. Daytime is pleasant and it’s always fun to take a dip in the warm ocean water.

Budgeting tips

Santorini isn’t exactly very expensive. Most hotels and resorts here are easily affordable. But if you want to save money on your Santorini wedding, here are some tips:

  • The major part of wedding expenses is due to accommodation. Invite a minimum number of guests so you can save on that cost.
  • Booking the wedding venue and accommodation separately can save money as you can get married at a beautiful place but settle for affordable accommodation.
  • You can try cutting back on the menu costs by reducing the number of dishes. While doing so, make sure you include some Greek delicacies to capture the essence of the place.

Best Time of Year to Get Married in Santorini

Summertime is the best month for a Santorini wedding. Since summers are dry and winters have rain showers, cold months can hamper your beach wedding.

November is the month when dark clouds begin to appear and the sun isn’t very readily available. Plan your wedding in September or October and you’ll get the best weather. However, it’s also the tourist season, so make sure you book the hotel or resort on time to avoid any last-minute rush.

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