10 Gorgeous Simple Engagement Ring Styles

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Are you getting ready to pop the question? Do you want to find simple engagement ring styles that your better half will enjoy?

Engagement rings can be flashy, but you can opt for simple yet elegant styles. Some styles and cuts aren’t too showy and will make it easy to wear with different outfits.

Which are the Best Simple Engagement Ring Styles?

1. Classic Round Cut Solitaire

There are numerous gorgeous simple engagement ring styles that you can find. Among the most popular is the Classic Round Cut Solitaire. This is such a beautiful jewel that features a classic round-cut diamond that features 58 facets.

This is such a cool and unique engagement ring style that it sets you apart. However, the ring must have the right clarity levels to look bright and clear. Thankfully, this is a versatile ring you can wear in any style, day or night.

Perhaps the main issue with classic round-cut solitaire diamonds is the prices. However, a simpler option is to go for the beautiful moissanite rings that are also quite elegant.

2. Bezel Set Pair Shaped Diamond

Have you ever come across those adorable pear-shaped rings? The Bezel set pair-shaped diamond is another exquisite jewel. It resembles a teardrop because of the elongated end. These are a combination of oval and marquise diamond shapes.

The unique engagement ring style is quite popular since it’s been around for centuries. This ring has one large stone shaped like a teardrop that’s so beautiful. It can be the only stone on the engagement ring or feature others on the side.

This simple yet elegant style is perfect as an engagement ring. The good news is such rings come in different sizes to suit your lovely lady.

3. Twisted Diamond Band Solitaire

Next, there’s the beautifully twisted diamond band solitaire. The band is the showstopper in this style since it has a wavy appearance. In fact, this ring tends to resemble a Juliette style because of the band’s unique twist.

It’s the perfect choice for someone who loves wearing unique jewelry and enjoying different styles. The ring is simple, but not too simple that it has no personality. It oozes charm and features great craftsmanship with small stones down the sides.

The main stone is held in place by a 4-V prong which adds to the style of this lovely engagement ring.

4. Round Cut with Single Halo

A simple engagement ring styles are a good choice for your proposal. The round cut with a single halo is another great choice. This is a delicious engagement ring style that’s not too complicated. It’s one of the simplest designs to feature a halo.

Jewelers find a way to ensure the ring meets set standards for engagement rings. But it’s also not too overpowering that it overshadows other jewelry. The inclusion of the halo is so simple and ensures the entire look remains clean.

There’s a plain band made using pure white gold that sets the pace to attain the perfect balance. When you purchase this engagement ring style, you can draw in the cathedral setting.

5. Round Cut Solitaire

A round brilliant-cut diamond ring is the round-cut solitaire. This exquisite yet simple jewel features a single stone, usually a diamond. The ring style is so flattering and wearable with different outfits.

This is a fantastic example of a ring you can have all day and night without any issues. The single stone can be big or small, depending on your design. It’s set on a silver band that’s smooth and comfortable to wear.

Picking the right ring size will see this become a favorite to have after the proposal.

6. Three-stone Engagement Ring

Keeping it simple doesn’t mean the ring has to be boring! Another amazing option is the classic three-stone engagement ring. This unique jewel is perfect when you want a diamond ring, but not one that’s too flashy or overpowering.

The ring features one large stone in the middle held in place by a 4-V prong design. Next are smaller stones, one to each side, making up the three-stone style. As for the rest of the band, it contains a durable metal such as sterling silver or white gold.

This is such a bright and joyful engagement ring style that shines bright all day and night. And the best part is, it’s not overwhelming at all.

7. Swirl and Twisted Engagement Ring Style

A twisted diamond band is so unique and a great option. But you can also opt to go further and get the swirl and twisted engagement ring style. This is such a lovely band that’s not too basic or overwhelming.

The ring is perfect for someone who likes jewelry with a touch of personality. This swirl-twist design is captivating, and the best part is the diamond in the middle. It’s set on a 4-V prong setting and brings about a half-swirl that’s the best.

Here is a modern-looking engagement ring that’s stylish, simple, and sturdy. It’s the perfect combination of minimalism and uniqueness.

8. Bezel Set Pink Tourmaline

Simplicity doesn’t mean going for a ring that’s bland, no way! You can combine simplicity and stylishness to get the perfect engagement ring. A good example is a Bezel set pink tourmaline that’s beautiful, elegant, and pink.

The pink tourmaline is the showstopper on this ring and a great alternative for someone seeking uniqueness. The bezel setting is ideal for the pink tourmaline stone, and together they create the perfect engagement ring.

This is the answer when you want a simple engagement ring that will leave a lasting impression!

9. Simple Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Emerald-cut engagement rings can be simple and elegant. Bring a touch of sophistication when you opt for this unique band. The sparkle of such a ring is enough to announce love and great intentions to all who attend this amazing day.

There’s a center stone on such an engagement ring, usually a diamond or diamond-simulated gem. The metal type can be gold or silver, topped up with smaller stones to add a touch of sparkle.

When you open a box with this gorgeous engagement ring, it’s hard not to be blown away by the beauty.

10. East/West Marquise Cut Ring

Another simple diamond shape is a fabulous marquise. This is such a great engagement ring that makes a bold statement while remaining simplistic. Its lasting eternity band has such an irresistible, amazing look.

At the top of the ring is a 4-claw setting to hold the gem in place. The band has a comfortable fit that complements the simplicity of the ring.


Simple engagement ring styles can still be stylish and elegant. They consist of great designs and unique gems that make the perfect combination.

The rings are made using quality metals such as silver and gold, complementing different looks.

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