Wedding Return Gifts India: 20 Ideas For Couples To Show Your Gratitude


Traditional Indian weddings are big celebrations of love and togetherness with family and friends. If you are ticking items on your wedding planning checklist, you must include what wedding return gifts India you should get.

Why Should Couples Give Wedding Return Gifts?

Family, friends, and colleagues devote their time and effort to attending your wedding. Return gifts for guests in Indian weddings are expressions of gratitude for sharing what could be the most important day of your life.

Return gifts, for those unfamiliar, are wedding favors or gifts that the newlyweds give to their guests. The wedding return gift often comes with a thank you note from the couple.

Wedding Return Gift India

There are no strict rules when choosing wedding return gifts India. What you will get as wedding favors will depend on your family traditions, where you are getting married, and your wedding budget. Remember that what’s important is how the gift will serve as a token of your love for the people who went to your wedding. Here are some wedding return gift ideas you can consider:

Traditional Return Gifts For Guests In Indian Weddings

1. Religious Idols And Decorations

Religion and spirituality, in general, are essential parts of everyday life in Indian culture. Religious idols and decorations are some of the most traditional return gifts you can get to give your wedding guests. These will help bring positive vibes into their lives.

2. Gold Or Silver Coins

Gold coins are traditional Indian wedding favors and are still quite trendy these days. A more budget-friendly option will be silver coins. You can engrave these coins with “Thank You.” Such gifts will surely make your wedding memorable.

3. Dry Fruits And Sweets In Deluxe Box

You can pack a box of dry fruits for your guests and place them in a custom silver tray or a wooden box with gold trims. They’re yum and so vogue at the same time.

4. Sugar Bowls

Golden sugar bowls or ornate sugar pots are perfect expressions of gratitude to your wedding guests. They will always remember you when they use this to serve their family and guests at home.

5. Golden Tray

Just as exchanging vows and starting a life together are golden moments, you can give golden trays as one of your wedding return gifts in India. 

Trendy Wedding Favor Ideas

6. Champagne

One of the luxurious return gifts people love these days is a bottle of champagne. Share your favorite brand with the people there when you start your journey as a couple.

7. Wine Glasses

Impress your family and friends by giving them wine glasses as return gifts. You can even pair these with gold napkin rings.

8. Donate To Charity

You can ask your guests for their favorite charity, and you will donate in their name as a wedding favor. Likewise, you can encourage people to donate to your charity of choice.

9. Origami Box

If you love origami, share your passion with your wedding guests. Give them a bag of perfumed origami flowers.

10. Nose Pins

Body piercings are a big part of Indian culture. Nose pins can be trendy wedding return gifts for the ladies attending your wedding. 

Eco-Friendly Wedding Return Gifts India

11. Organic Fruits In Bamboo Baskets

Organic fruits are a healthy choice. Put them in bamboo baskets and have an eco-friendly wedding favor that guests can bring home.

12. Flower Matkas

A simple yet beautiful wedding return gift India is a flower matka. Personalize the handcrafted pot with natural dried flowers by putting the names of your guests. 

13. Jute Bags

Jute bags are practical wedding return gifts India you can give your guests. They’re easy to clean, and they will last a long time.

14. Embroidered Purses

The ladies will love the colorful patterns on embroidered clutches or purses. They can use them on special occasions they will go to or even daily.

15. Coffee Or Exotic Tea

A bag of coffee or high-end, exotic tea is an unorthodox choice for wedding favor, but people love them these days. You can also include vegan goodies to enjoy with the hot drink.

Classic Marriage Return Gifts

16. Candle Holders

Another elegant wedding return gift ideas are candle holders. They can use it in their living rooms and remember you every time they light some scented candles.

17. Jewelry Box

If giving gold or silver jewelry is way beyond the wedding budget, you can go for the next best thing– jewelry boxes. Go for a well-designed jewelry box with a dash of bling.

18. Chocolates

A box of chocolates is one of the most classic wedding favors to distribute to your guests before you part ways. This will be a winner for adults and kids alike. Get some local artisanal chocolates so they will always remember your wedding day.

19. Perfume

You can also give little bottles of perfume “for him” or “for her” on your wedding day. Don’t forget to include a thank you note when you pack them.

20. Goodies Bag

A bag of goodies is a no-fail choice for wedding return gifts India. Fill them with yummy sweets, a handcrafted souvenir, or practically anything you want your guests to bring home.

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